After what seems like a lifetime of waiting, it's finally ready - www.benfoldstribute.com!!

From one frivolous post on BenFolds.org, an entire double CD of covers by Ben's fans has grown...

Within 24 hours from the announcement of the project, Phil (mongoose550) began to recieve mp3s from people all over the world. The standard of cover that people were sending in was extremely high, and the variation in style incredible. The idea had to be pushed forward... with the help of Jen (mojochic) and Don (jrkeyboard) 28 tracks were assembled into the double CD that we have now put onto the net.

It's a really good listen... from straight piano covers of Ben's work through to dance, acoustic and reggae everyone has given their own unique take on songs that are so familiar to us all.

Massive thanks to everyone who sang, strummed, or tryed in vain to work a four-track in the name of showing our appreciation to our favourite piano-playing asshole. Here's hoping that he enjoys listening to it as much as we do!

Hope you all enjoy it too...

- Don, Phil and Jen

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